Easter Church Service

We had our Easter Service at church on Friday. We all had stations of the cross to talk about. Class 1 had Jesus being put on the cross and dying on the cross.  The children wrote their own script and retold it in their own words. They were very brave to speak and sing into a microphone in front of a very full church. Well done! 🙂

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Cheese straw crosses

The children had to read and follow the recipe. They then had to measure and weigh out the ingredients on their own! Well done they were very yummy!

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Grass Heads update!


Our grass heads were amazing! The children’s homework is to cut their grass hair when they get home and bring in a picture of his new hair style!

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Computing in Class 1

In class 1 the children have been using the ipads and the IAW to make stories. They have then been able to print their pictures out. The chldren have then decided where in the classroom they would like to display them. Although Mrs Walpole took hers home and stuck it on her fridge!

Spring 2nd 038

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Growing In Class 1

We have been growing beans and grass heads in class one recently. Have a look and see if you can remember what we did.


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Our trip to Brooksby Farm

We walked over the fields to Brooksby Farm.  We saw lots of farm animals and we saw a lamb being born.

   Farmer Rose and Farmer Carol Who lived in here?  We ran down the very big hill!  Farmer Rose had a mole! Hello are you looking at me?! The mummy sheep started to have her baby.   The farmers went to help her.

6 March 17 098  click here to see the lamb being born.

  We got to stroke this lamb that was only a day old

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Pancake Day

We made pancakes in the school kitchen. We weighed and measured flour and milk and cracked 1 egg in each bowl! click below to see what happened!!

pancake day 045

pancake day 046



What was your favorite filling? I just LOVE golden syrup and lemon 🙂

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Watch out for the Troll!

After reading the story of the 2 Billy Goats Gruff the children used pay dough to make mean and scary Trolls!

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Chinese New Year

We have done lots and lots of work on Chinese New Year!

We read the story and acted it out pretending to be the animals.

We made our own dragons and lanterns.

We watched some dragon dancing like the one below and then had a go at making the very LOUD music that we heard!

We listened to Chinese children talking and playing and had a go at counting to 10.





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Real Saws and Fires!

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