Royal Wedding

key Stage 1 had a tea party to celebrate the Royal wedding. We made crowns and wrote invitations. The Queen e-mailed us and told us all her jewels had been stolen and frozen in ice. The children had to explore different solutions to melt the ice. We got the flags and castles out we made […]

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Super Heroes

Our topic has been super heroes for most of this half term. We have done so much! We have designed our own super hero outfits, we have tested the best materials for superman’s cape, we have made batman’s gadget belt,  made super hero logo cupcakes, made power bracelets, designed a Numicon superhero city, had secret […]

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Jack and the Beanstalk

We had so much fun growing our very own beanstalks! We also designed our own giants and turned our outside area in the giants castle kitchen! We counted and sorted magic jelly beans – and we did eat a few as well!

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